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JAN 29 2020 at 10:33am AEST | Sponsored by Alya Skin

It’s easy to write face masks off as a non-essential product in your skin-care routine. After all, you wear a mask for 10-minutes, watch a little Netflix, then wash your hard-earned money down the sink. Or so you might think.

The truth is, the best face masks can transform and treat all kinds of problems! 

From dry, dull and tired skin, to blemished, congested and acne prone skin. Out of all the expensive skin care on the market, my new favorite product to date is almost the cheapest one i’ve tried. 

If you know me, you’ll know I’ve done my research and oh boy, you’d also know i’ve also tried and purchased a whole lot of different products! But this one mask stood out to me, it gave me results almost instantly, it left my skin feeling soft and hydrated…

AND it didn’t break my bank, AT ALL!

It is the Alya Skin pink clay mask and it was only $49.99AUD. At first I was obviously skeptical, like does a mask this cheap actually work as well as people say? But it does and now I understand why it’s voted the best in Australia! I also have my own results to prove it.

This photo below was taken at the start of the year. Yep less than a month ago my skin had completely broken out. It may have been all the sugar I ate over the festive period or the stress from getting stuck back into work for another year. 

Whatever caused the breakout, it had happened and my skin was suffering and needed some urgent TLC. 

Fast forward a month later and I couldn’t be happier. I used the Alya mask once every second day, so 3 times a week and I am astounded by the results. Coming from a face mask enthusiast, this pink clay works!

My spots have not only disappeared but my whole complexion feels a whole smoother. 

Containing witchhazel, watermelon seed oil and rose geranium oil, the Alya mask didn’t dry my skin out, instead it moisturised and softened my skin. The main ingredient is Kaolin Clay, otherwise known as Pink Clay, this helped combat my breakout and assisted in closing my pores! Plus it’s sourced directly from South Australia! So that’s pretty amazing right?

All in all, I will never pay $100+ for another face mask. Those days are over. This Alya Pink Clay mask is my new go-to product and in my opinion its the best $49.99 AUD i’ve ever spent on myself. 

Since trying and loving the Alya Clay Mask, I have gone ahead and done an extensive ingredient stalk of their other products and I am impressed!! I was so impressed that the other day I also ordered the Complete Skin Care bundle. 

The complete skin care bundle contains 4 products to be used in a 4 step skin care routine!

Step one: Foaming Micellar Cleanser, made with watermelon seed oil, so perfect for hydrating and moisturising your skin!

Step two: Pomegranate Facial Exfoliator, this product uses pomegranate seed powder to deeply exfoliate your skin and prepare it for the clay mask!

Step three: Pink Clay Mask, my favourite product!! As spoken about above!

Step four: Native Berries Moisturiser, to be used everyday or straight after the mask to ensure hydration of your skin! Packed full of beneficial ingredients for your skin, such as Macadamia Oil Shea Butter.

I gave these 4 steps a try this morning and it was an instant WIN! My skin has never felt as fresh and bright as it does at the moment! I will definitely be continuing on with Alya Skin forever and ever and I can’t wait for you all to give it a try too.

Ladies, you must take care of your skin, after all it’s the only skin you’ll ever be in.


Alya Skin offers a 30 day money back GUARANTEE! After writing this article they reached out to me and even gave me a DISCOUNT CODE…. 


This was to say thank you for sharing such an inspirational story.

Once you’ve used the product please let me know if it helped you too!

P.S – A lot of competitors will sell cheaper alternatives but I recommend you go with Alya. Its only $49.99 AUD for the mask and it’s 120 grams.. That’s double the size of its competitors.

Steph Claire

Steph Claire

Steph Claire is the Senior Editor for Beauty Guides Australia. She loves an honest review and will put almost anything on her skin, face, hair or body to test it out for her loving community!