Dry skin? Oily Skin? Sensitive skin? Beauty guides has got you covered. We’ve rounded up the 5 best Masks that we’ve found to be suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES. 


Throughout 2020, i’ve been trying multiple clay masks from Australian brands. Face Masks seem to be the #1 trending beauty product of the year, so I decided to round up my top 5 picks. 


Clay masks are an essential part of a females skincare routine – it is an important step in detoxifying, brightening and cleansing the skin. Read below for my top picks.

1. Alya Skin Australian Pink Clay Mask (120grams), $49.99 AUD

Detoxify & Brightens your skin. 

Number 1 Editors Pick!

Alya Skin’s Australian Pink Clay Mask helps to detoxify & brighten your skin, its suitable for sensitive skin and will tighten your skin’s pores while extracting pollutants and nasties from your skin. It helps reduce inflammation caused by acne and eczema, contains no parabens/sls or other harsh chemicals and is Vegan & cruelty free

Editor Rating: 5/5


Out of all masks, by far this one left my skin feeling the most smooth, rejuvenated and detoxified. It was also the most affordable in terms of pricing versus how much product they offer. The jar literally lasts 2-3 months and has a price tag of only $49.99 AUD.

2. Pixi Glow Mud Mask, $39.99

A mineral rich mask solution.

Editors rating: 3.5/4

The pixi Glow Mud Mask left my skin feeling revitalized. It’s a 15 minute facial treatment that stimulates and clarifies complexion in the skin.

I found this product to give me skin that added glow it needs. For the price tag however, I think they need to add more product for me to rate it ⅘.

3. Aspect Exfoliating Clay Mask, $62

A mask that offers an exfoliating effect on the skin.

Editors Rating: 3/5

Aspects exfoliating clay mask is a kaolin-based face mask thats is great for oily and problematic skin. After I used the mask, my skin was left feeling soft and smooth, and looked much more clear.

4. Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti Blemish Masque, $47

Multitasker mask that can be used as a spot treatment. 

Editors Rating: 4 / 5

This mask was a fast acting, purifying masque that I used as a spot treatment. This mask was gentle on the skin, and made my skin feel hydrated at the same time as rejuvenated and fresh. Definitely one of my top picks.

5. Hunter Lab Charcoal Mud Mask, $58

Prevent breakouts with a naturally made product.

Editors Rating: 3/5

A naturally made Melbourne Mud Mask Hunter – I simply had to try it! To be honest, my initial thoughts were that it left my skin feeling a little dry. However, after the second and third time, I did feel it drew up the ‘gunk’ from my pores. The aloe vera left my skin feeling smooth after use as well.

Steph Claire

Steph Claire

Steph Claire is the Senior Editor for Beauty Guides Australia. She loves an honest review and will put almost anything on her skin, face, hair or body to test it out for her loving community!